PreK-3 is Growing!

The Prek Threes have been busy learning all about God’s creations as we talked about butterflies and observed remotely the daily changes in videos and the observations during their meeting time each day. The videos showed the children starting from the unboxing of the Caterpillars on their arrival on April 9 to the release of the butterflies after the school parade on May 2. It was exciting! They never let me forget to show them the butterflies on their FaceTime calls each day.

At our school parade I was able to give my friends a few packets of seeds (carrot and marigold) and some pots to plant them in. Now it was their turn to help me observe the progress of their plantings. Unlike the caterpillars who showed change daily the plants are taking a lot more patience on everyone’s part. We read a story by Ruth Krauss called The Carrot Seed. It tells how everyone in the family thinks nothing is going to grow when the little boy plants the seed. He takes good care of his planting and he enjoys the result of his labor and patience when he gets to finally see it grow. We are hoping for the same results with our plantings.

I recently interviewed my friends regarding their seeds asking them to tell me about their seeds that I gave them.

Nina said, “Well you put the dirt in the pots then we watered them. We are growing some flowers. They were growing into carrot seeds. The orange part is under the ground. It didn’t grow yet but then it did grow. They are gonna grow!

Genesis said, “It’s already plants. I put some water. The sun warms up the plants.

Sean said, “Well, my carrot seeds are just growing and the lettuce and squash and cucumbers (a family project). I put them in the small buckets (pots) and dirt. Daddy put them in the green things (bigger pots) and I put them in the wagon. We put water and we put them in the sun.

Vosh said, “I planted them. I put them outside. They need water and sun. They’re flowers and little carrots.

It will still be awhile before we see mature plants but we are all excited to enjoy the results.

Submitted by Mrs. Person

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