What’s Been Happening in Pre-K4?

Wow! Life in Pre-K4 has changed so much since our last Lion’s Roar article. We ended March creating our very own Pre-K4 Website which we relied on to communicate with each other in the first two weeks of this pandemic. After that we began our Group Sessions, Whole Class Sessions and FaceTime Friday sessions. This has allowed us to have daily communications and in spite of all that’s going on we stay connected as a Pre-K4 family.

A big thank you to our wonderful Pre-K4 families who have been such an important part of this process! Pre-K4 has been busy at work & play and we are able to share these moments on our website. It has been great to be able to see what all our friends are doing.

Pre-K4 has been busy learning about insects such as butterflies, ladybugs, and bees. Through photos and videos, the students were able to observe our class caterpillars form chrysalides and become butterflies. We watched ladybug larvae form pupas and become ladybugs. In addition, students shared insect crafts they made and the facts they learned about them. In addition, the students differentiated between insects and arachnids. We learned about amphibians such as frogs too.

As we learned about transportation some of our students created vehicles they could ‘drive’ around the house or driveway! We sorted transportation vehicles into three categories. We work on math and so much more too! We enjoy playing many Math games during our group sessions.

The students enjoy our Whole Class Zoom Meetings where they have an opportunity to interact with any friends they don’t see during group sessions. During Whole Class Zoom Meetings, they also get to see our ‘visitors.’ The children enjoy having some time to chat and share their work with Mrs. Venuti, Mrs. Trammel, and Mrs. Person. Mrs. Baker often drops in to say hello too.

Pre-K4 is embracing our new normal and doing well! Before we know it, our students will be the new kindergarteners!

Submitted by Mrs. Linehan

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